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May 1, 2019

Episode 8 of Monstrosity with David Race Features Loni Anderson & Tim Reid from WKRP in Cincinnati

You may already know that "Monstrosity" host and creator David Race was a radio DJ, before he was a comedian or podcast host. As a child one of the influences that led David towards radio, was the TV show "WKRP in Cincinnati". This episode of the podcast features the legendary Loni Anderson, who played WKRP's sexy receptionist "Jennifer"! Then we get a surprise phone call from Tim Reid, who played WKRP night time DJ "Venus Flytrap".

Also in studio through the whole episode is veteran comedian Jimmy Shubert. Midway through a paranormal investigator joins the conversation.

During this episode we find out that Loni Anderson was possibly visited by Jane Mansfield's ghost, while filming a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mansfield's home, then owned by Engelbert Humperdinck... Just listen.

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