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Sep 7, 2020

Episode 15 of Monstrosity with David Race is here with Alan Hunter (one of the 5 original MTV VJ's), and Doug Hajicek (Producer of the TV series "MonsterQuest", and frequent paranormal experiencer).

First up is Alan Hunter from MTV. David Race and Alan have a great conversation about the inside of early MTV, and then play a monster music game called "Each Question Has a Classic Rock Related Answer - But is also a Paranormal Question" (yes, you read that game title right!)

Then we move onto the Executive Producer and creator of one of the best paranormal TV shows of all time, Doug Hajicek from "MonsterQuest". David and Doug discuss some of Doug's many paranormal experiences involving UFO's , Mothman, Bigfoot, and more. The interview is terrifying and hilarious.

This is another socially distanced COVID episode, so both guests are safely in their own homes. Although in Doug Hajiceks case (from what we hear about during the interview), it's not clear that his home is actually safe.   

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