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Feb 3, 2020

Episode 12 of "Monstrosity with David Race" is possibly the wildest episode yet!

Our guest in-studio is actress Tania Raymonde, who stars with Billy Bob Thornton on Amazon Prime's hit series, "Goliath".

Tania is a great actress and one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.  Our interview veers from discussion of Tania's career, to the placement of her "peek a boo" tattoos, and finally to a game of "F - Monster - Kill".

The "F-Monster-Kill" game goes off the rails! We end up finding out which paranormal creature Tania would "F", and more. No other show on earth could have gotten Tania answering these questions!

Later we get a call from Bigfoot Kentucky expert Don Neal. And then we return to deep discussion with Tania.

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